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 311 S 4th St
Louisville, KY 40202

Sunday, November 12, 2017




8:00-9:00 AM: Registration and Merchandise Area Opens


8:45-9:00 AM: Welcome and Faculty Intro (SENIOR ROOM)


JUNIOR ROOM (Age 12 and Under)

9:00-10:00:  Mollee Gray – Jazz

10:00-11:00: Chehon – Progressions & Technique

11:00-12:00:  Fik-Shun – Hip Hop

12:00-12:45:  LUNCH

12:45-1:45:  Chehon  – Contemporary

1:45-2:45:  Gaby Diaz – Tap

2:45-3:45:  Mollee Gray – Musical Theatre



SENIOR ROOM (Age 13 and Over)

9:00-10:00:  Chehon – Progressions & Technique

10:00-11:00:  Gaby Diaz – Tap

11:00-12:00:  Mollee Gray – Lyrical

12:00-12:45:  LUNCH

12:45-1:45:  Gaby Diaz – Contemporary

1:45-2:45:  Mollee Gray – Jazz

2:45-3:45:  Fik-Shun – Hip Hop


3:45-4:00:  Awards and Scholarships (SENIOR ROOM)


4:00:  Meet and Greet with Faculty (MAIN LOBBY)


** Instructors, classes and times subject to change **


Thank you to all of our amazing dancers in Louisville! We can’t wait to see you next year!


Shield of Excellence Scholarship:

Semaiah Robertson- Dance Fusion

Shelby Lovvorn- Dance Pro’s Studios

Marley Burford- Bluegrass Dance Training Center

Mallory Banks- Inspiration Dance Academy

Benjamin Workman

Alexia Fouch- The Force Dance Project

Amber Mulhall-Upstage Dance Centre

Gracie Spalding- Dance Pro’s Studios

Braylan Enscoe- Independent

Dallas Branham- Upstage Dane Centre

Jyla Allen- Dreamz Dance Company

Cameryn Reilman

Abigail Rieber-Upstage Dance Centre

Leigha Gilpin-360 Dance

Piper Budnikas- Dance Designs


Armor of Education Scholarship:

Schuyer Crozier- Just Off Broadway

Elizabeth Radcliff- Dreamz Dance Company

Elle Bailey-Independent

Olivia Ramsey- Independent

Sami Ladegast-360 Dance


Titan FORCE Scholarship:

Ying Lei Pham- Just Off Broadway

Abbey Kaufling- 360 Dance

Jennifer Ferguson- Connies School Of Performing Arts

Kaylee Strange- Upstage  Dance Centre



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Louisville One Day Intensive

November 12th 2017

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